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At Genesa Leadership Institute, LLC, we believe in helping you surface your innate capacity for Catalyst level leadership, so that you can transform your organization from simply good to truly great!​​

Research demonstrates that Catalyst Level Leadership and beyond is the key predictor for organizational success. 


Cutting edge neuroscience and developmental leadership theory has proven that catalyst level leadership is much more dependent on adult development and surfacing innate capacity, than on past performance and the acquisition of new leadership skills and competencies. Therefore, actualizing a leader’s full potential is more about self-mastery and conscious choice, and far less about “natural talent.”


Because research demonstrates that organizational sustainability is more likely to occur with Catalyst Level leaders at the helm, we know that the challenge of the future is to create more compassionate and productive leaders that know how to achieve bottom line success; the kind of leadership that possesses the capacity to continually develop intellectually, creatively and emotionally over the lifespan of their careers.


Whether teaching leaders how to have more impactful conversations, or how to manage relationships or navigate change and complexity more effectively, we are passionate about helping you surface your full leadership capacity for transforming good organizations into visionary ones.


If you can answer YES to any of the following questions, please call Genesa Leadership Institute for a complimentary consultation:


  • Are you ready to take your career or business (and your life) to the next level?

  • Have you been disappointed by conventional leadership programs that haven’t’ sustained long-term results?

  • Do you want to manage change and complexity in a fast-paced organizational climate more effectively and with less stress?

  • Would you like to expand your creative, intellectual and emotional capacity to inspire, empower and lead yourself and others to their greatness?


Evolving Great Leaders into Catalyst Level Leaders and beyond…


Genesa Leadership Institute, LLC provides all types of organizations with new “human technology” to solve problems, gain greater insight, see connections and become more innovative and visionary.


Genesa’s evidence-based cutting edge model facilitates a currently rare form of leadership capacity and success that raises the bar for tomorrow’s leaders. If one possesses the “mind-set” to embrace change, it is possible to grow into a more intelligent, creative and emotionally expressive individual who is able to navigate change and complexity with a greater sense of interconnectivity and global awareness.


Genesa helps leaders identify where they currently are on the trajectory of adult development and uses their core strengths to transform behaviors (within a realistic and incremental way) while achieving personal and professional goals at the same time.


Cutting Edge Tools and Services:


Genesa’s assessment tools go beyond the measurement of past performance or skill set.  Discover your hidden talents and strengths and how you can build on these capacities.


* 360 Feedback Assessment (Individual and Team)

Leadership Agility 360 assessment is a world-class instrument based on extensive, Harvard peer reviewed research that is validated to correlate with high leadership performance. This instrument is one of the few that has actively controlled to eliminate race, gender and age related biases.


* Development Planner

Translates your feedback into a clear behavior specific action plan that utilizes on-on-going projects and goals to further your mental, emotional, and leadership growth.


* Values Assessment

Discover your core values and how to align those values into all aspects of your life in order to maximize your life satisfaction and success. Learn how to generate your own personal vision that speaks to a wider life purpose and allows insight into how that serves personal and organizational needs.


* Change Navigator

Learn more about how you navigate change and how your style of change impacts the transitions between different phases of adult development. Use this insight to navigate change more effectively while learning how to embrace it and feel more comfortable with the process. Learn how to manage the stress and anxiety that we commonly associate with the fear of loss that prevents people from achieving their goals. Take your leadership ability to a whole new level as you learn to in the future that are critical to your organization’s success.


*Power Styles Assessment

Learn how your individual stage of leadership development translates into your Learn how to use your individual power style effectively to create a positive impact through “attraction versus promotion.”


* Method of Success

Learn how to, creating happy and productive teams.Make the most of your employee talent, while learning how to inspire people to work synergistically thereby increasing profitability, efficiency and effectiveness, while helping people realize a greater sense of purpose in their work life.


“It may be nearly impossible for us to bring about any important change in a system or organization without changing ourselves… “

~Kegan & Lahey



Closing Leadership Gaps: Process for Generating Change


Genesa Leadership Development Programs offer different instructional methods to suit your learning style and schedule. Our leadership programs are designed to challenge your current perceptions about leadership and the values that shape the way you work, encouraging you to think and lead in a powerful way.


Executive Programs:

  • Private Executive Coaching & Consulting Engagements

  • Customized Leadership Curriculum

  • Educational materials and on-going support

  • Facilitation of peer coaching and mentoring

  • Communication Strategies

  • Assessments


Seminars: Available for Academic and Corporate Settings


  • Pivot Points: Mastering the Difficult Conversation

  • Creating and Sustaining High Performing Teams

  • C-Suite Series: Creating an Amazing Workplace Culture from the Inside-Out

  • Values, Alignment, Purpose and Success

  • Taking the Lead in Transforming Conflict

  • Women in Leadership: Overcoming Obstacles

  • Leading, Inspiring and Mentoring Millennials

  • Leadership Development for Millennials

  • Managing Change and Complexity in a Fast Paced World

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