A Transformational Approach

Creating leadership excellence through the lens of adult stage development

Thinking beyond the box infographic

Thinking Beyond the Box

Corporate America is facing exponential change without the leadership necessary to navigate increasingly complex waters.

Creativity and collaboration are called for, but these skill sets only flourish when underlying intellectual and emotional capacities are cultivated.

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Leadership challenges: advice and insight

Advice and Insights

You have questions?

We have answers.


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Busy freeway at night change and complexity

Stage Development happens...when people move through different levels as they grow towards their full potential

Developmental Research validates . . .

these specific stages of growth through distinct levels of awareness.

Human Technology is finally here . . .the latest research has established a strong cause and effect relationship between behavior at various stages and the quality of leadership ability.

“Just as there are different pieces of jewelry but all are made of the same gold,

there are

different entities but all are manifestation of the same energy.”

~ Plato

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Genesa Leadership Institute proudly supports the Kim Center in San Diego. The Kim Center is dedicated to advancing and supporting talented women in leadership across all economic sectors. When women succeed, we all prosper. See how you can make a positive difference in your community.

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Do you have what it takes to be a catalyst for change? Genesa Leadership in Success Magazine.

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